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Shoebox London
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September 2005
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six parts gin to one part ruin [userpic]
Welcome one and all...

... or at least those who love shoebox_project :o)

This community is to be used for planning a meetup of those who love said shoebox_project.


To be able to view the community posts, you must join the comumunity. When you have joined and started posting ALL POSTS TO THE COMMUNITY MUST BE FRIENDS LOCKED. This is to ensure that no-one who we don't want to join the meetup doesn't come, so it's in the interest of everyone's saftey that you do this. Please don't also post details about locations, times etc on your own ljs. Any details must stay within this community. If these instructions get broken, then the offending member with be banned from the group.

Is that easy to follow? Good. :o)

Does anyone have any toast?

~ HazyJayne

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Morrisey - You Are The Quarry

I dont have any toast... it's most unfortunate... went to get some bread out earlier today, and found it had gone moudly.. ewwww...


Toast for you, madam.